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Breaking News: Google Posts™ are now available to all businesses

Google’s new post service
allows any verified business to
leap-frog local search results:

Used correctly, Google Posts™ can
send a flood of new customers, clients,
and profit to a local business

You see, Google has been having a hard time competing with real time social networks like Facebook and Instagram. To attract more business customers, they've established a new service called "Google Business Profile" where verified local business can create post cards that appear in local profiles and search results. Marketing experts like ad week believe google posts presents a better opportunity for biz owners than Facebook:

"For a local business, Google posts may
provide more value than Facebook"
- Ad Week

Google experimented with posts during the last election. Every candidate could post a message, and have it instantly appear at the top of election search results. this was so successful at helping candidates get their message out, that Google opened this system to other VIP's like celebrities and sports teams. 

Imagine: Getting your message to the top of Google on demand.

This past year, google rolled out this system to any verified local business that enrolls in their "Google Business Profile" program, it is FREE to create one.

The posts can be any offer a business wants to make including discounts, coupons, lead generation, holiday offers, or holiday sales. Every post is complete with a call to action that generates business.

It's like free advertising at the top of Google!

There is a catch, however:

Biz Owners must create
a new post daily.

Each Google Post™ expires 7 days after it is created. In order to stay at the top of Google, a local business will need to craft a new offer and post it at least once a day. 

Being a Smart business owner you probably would rather pay someone to create these daily post than do it yourself.

With my Daily GBP posting service I will use niche relevant images and content to post on your GBP each day. These are battle tested and proven to generate customers for any type of business.

These post generate a flood of new customers and revenue by getting your business seen more during searches.

Remember: If you can generate customers just from a daily post to your GBP, you will always have a source of income.

With these daily post you can use a call to action to generate customers including 'Call Us Now', 'Visit our website', or even 'Buy Now'.

   Warning: Don't try this on your own

Sure, getting these posts to the first page of Google is easy! After all... That's what Google designed them for.

It took months of trial and error at my expense with countless failures to distill down what works with this cutting-edge service.

The Daily Google Business Profile Posting Service allows you to avoid the trial an error, cut your learning curve and frees up your time to do other important business stuff.

What are you waiting for, let me free up some of that important time by performing the daily posting task to get more exposure and customers to your business.  Just hit the record button below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.